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1 June 2021
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"I offer my congratulations to all those who have contributed to this volume (authors and editor) and I warmly commend their stories." 

Marina Wheeler, Queen’s Counsel

"Anyone who wants a proper understanding of what it’s like to be a diplomatic partner in today’s world should look no further than the profound, insightful and, above all, deeply personal experiences recounted here."

Jonathan Sweet, Executive Director, Diplomatic Service Families Association, UK


"Books like these can help start these important conversations within ourselves, with those around us and within the global diplomatic community. I want to commend all those involved in the writing, editing and collation of this book: the authentic connection that we all need can start here."

Phil McAuliffe, The Lonely Diplomat

"This well written book chronicles the many achievements of spouses in this quest. It will be of interest to readers of biography and women’s’ and gender studies. It is a must-read for anyone contemplating an expatriate life."

Janet Whitelaw Smith, spouse of Richard Smith, the former Australian Ambassador to the Peoples Republic of China and the Republic of Indonesia and Secretary of Defence.


"I was pleased to read these open and genuine accounts of all the challenges that spouses face regardless whether you come from north or south, east or west. I wish to convey my heartfelt thanks to all the authors."

Markku Keinänen, Ambassador of Finland to UK.

"All too often the voices of diplomatic spouses around the world go unheard.  This anthology brings together, in a very personal way, their stories and experiences.  We learn about the joys, challenges and difficulties of life away from home."

Amanda Barton, spouse of Sir Philip Barton, the Permanent Under-Secretary of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, UK.

"Dear Spouses of the World, let me thank you for your contribution to the success of the diplomacy – and to a better world for all. I wish you all the best."

Mojca Stropnik, Life partner of Professor Miro Cerar, former Slovenian Prime Minister 2014-2018 and Minister of Foreign Affairs 2018-2020.

"We are privileged to be shared with these intimate, intelligent and compassionate stories: Spouses of the World."

Tiina Soini, MD, Specialist in Psychiatry, Spouse  of Timo Soini, former Party Leader 1997-2017, MP, MEP,  Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee 2011-2015, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland 2015-2019.

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